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This page does not offer links for free computer protection / maintenance products.  ACK Computing makes no claim for any of these products.  In other words browse at your own risk, read all the disclaimers before you act and at all times practice safe computing.  The software referenced below is not the only “Freeware” protection available off the internet and new software becomes available periodically !
If it is free you may still be asked for an e-mail address BUT being free, you should never be asked for money.  The annoyance of much of the Freeware products out there is that the vendor has probably bundled the software with other “Freeware” that you most likely do not want.

* Two virus protection programs running at the same time is not recommended as they will sometimes fight with each other.

Bad things get into your computer from a lot of sources not the least of which is e-mail.  Clicking on certain web sites, downloading content from “file sharing” links such as YouTube & FaceBook, or loading anything “pirated” or otherwise shared, should be approached with caution.  Be aware and beware, there is more to this computer stuff then just pointing and clicking! 

Be aware that to much protection can cause conflicts

  • Do not run Norton and McAfee  together, for instance
    • Norton and McAfee are internet protection vendors
  • Many internet providers give home users virus protection.  TDS, for instance provides its clients with a version of “F-Secure”.
  • E-mail providers often provide spam protection and anti-virus protection
  • Even if you are currently paying for anti-spy/virus protection, the monthly “on demand” running of one or more of the free products is a smart idea - just be aware that a good Spyware tool will detect other Spyware tools, so read the “findings” before deleting all the bad stuff your protection finds

    It is HIGHLY recommended that before you use the following Freeware you should open and read our Recommendation Paper - feel free to print it.

AVG (TM) offers free virus protection without signing any contracts or paying any subscription fees. There are rumors that this product is as good as anything you might be currently paying for.

Malwarebytes is a great anti-virus and Spyware program

Microsoft Security Essentials (TM) offers free spyware and virus protection

Spybot (TM) offers free spyware protection with their product Spybot - Search and Destroy.
ACK uses it on all our computers.  *Turn off Norton to run SpyBot.


Please note that to much protection - competing software - may see each other as a “threat” and thus compromise the very abilities you wish to utilize. Run one or the other separately for best results. Read all their installation messages and the description for a better understanding of the product.


Advanced System Care is one of the better products we have found for your computer because it is fairly easy to use; download it, start it up, let it run, click Repair, let it run, turn it off - and you will not have to turn off your full time protection program while running it. We suggest you click on the “More” tab to turn of the automatic start up setting.

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